Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas 
Enjoy the Holidays Friends


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A Quote by Paulo Coelho on Light and Beauty

            No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes, to reveal the marvels around

MY EURO TOUR Part 26 Paris, France ( Renxkyoko )

My dear readers !
This is another post by my so talented friend Renxkyoko from http://megaworthit.wordpress.com.
You strat reading and you are going and going to the world you would  love to read about , you would love to see about..You are so much  deeply invole in the whole atomosphere which she is describing to you, you become a part of that magical world . 
I am Thankful to my so cute and intelligent friend for allowing me to post this awesome Trip here.
Now Start enjoying her amazing post  about her France trip and experience her colors of pen and colors of camera alongwith the colors of the beautiful people.
Never forget to admire her God gifted talent with just dropping a sweet comment of encouragement .
Love you all


MY EURO TOUR Part 26 Paris, France

I was hoping I could publish at least 3 posts in September, but I  just didn’t have the time. All my blogging time was spent reading a backlog of unread subscriptions. At this moment , I’m scared to check out my email folder. “ So, why are you scared, Ren? It doesn’t make sense.  Just delete.”  Problem is, I don’t delete unread subscriptions. I read all of them, every  single word. Heck, I even click the links if they say click HERE, and watch all the videos.  This time , I think I will.  I can actually delete everything in one click, but then, I get to delete even the ones I want to preserve for eternity.  Maybe I can keep them somewhere, I know there’s a place for them . As of 2 days ago, my  unread emails  number is …. 0_0″…….. 25,000.  Have mercy.
And by the way, these humungous emails make my reading soooooooooo slow.  It takes about a minute to get one email deleted.  Sometimes it doesn;t even delete and I have to click again, and wait another minute.
I am already overwhelmed. So please let me  to start over again from zero.  Oh, and these are getting in the way of  blogging.  I need to read them, too.  ( ~_~)”

They are there for YOU

I love those who are always with me through thick n thin 

Diving Coaster Vanish Roller Coaster Off Ride Shots (Japan)

You can enjoy the ride of this rollercoaster by visiting Cosmo World at Yokohama Japan
Track Length = 2440 feet
Typical ride time = 1 minute and 58 seconds

Now Watch these two videos to enjoy the ride more :D

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img source
img source

Journey Through Canyons

Click on the video screen to run

First Drop of Rain (Supriya Sharma)

My dear readers you may know Robindranath Tagore once wrote "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." 
I have another so lovable poem by Supriya Sharma , I love her sweet stlye of feeling life and expressing the emotions ...emotions of innerself :true and touching. I am really Thankful to my dear friend Supriya Sharma for sending me to post such a masterpiece of words ..She can move them the way her sweet heart directs her.Be Blessed dear Poetess .

I hope you all like the poem,waiting for your sweet comments.

First Drop of Rain (Supriya Sharma)

First drop of rain
comes to remove all stain
That I carried in my heart,
It made me realize
Every feeling has its own life
It comes and goes
sometime I understand it
Sometime I don’t know how to show.

Rain give reason to everyone,
Some rejoice, feel happy
While others like to hide their pain
Behind the drops of rain,
As no one able to see
The tears shed from eyes
They make themselves strong enough
to give fake smile.

First drop of rain comes
kiss the beloved earth
for it she waited enough,
This teaches me a wonderful lesson
Even this shall be passed
I have to be patient. 

Love is too like these drops of rain
Gives new life to this girl
who forget herself 
in search of her true love.

Thanks for the images


A nice life quote
 "It happens Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory!"

Then and Now (Celebrities) - Part 1

Look at these great celebrities  
See how they are changed
1- Nelly Furtado 

2- Avril Lavigne