Of a child’s (Christina Strigas)

Of a child’s 
(Christina Strigas)
Unlock the key
to a child’s heart.

Open the door
to a child’s path.

Hear the words
Of a child’s voice.

Listen to the sound
of a child’s song.

Understand the need
of a child’s action.

Believe the words
of a child’s truth.

Recognize the pain
of a child’s hurt.

Remember the joy
Of a child’s smile.

Look at the innocence
of a child’s soul.

See the world through the eyes
of a child’s. 

 This is so cute poem by Christina Strigas.
I am thankful to her for her great support.
You will surely find this blog the most awesome one. 
Thanks my dear friend to allow me  to post this sweet poem 
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Two Souls (Soumya V)


(Soumya V) 

A silent moment speaks between us,
filling the soul with a touch of blush ,
like joining the two ends of a string ,
to form a knot of love...

The river below and sky above,
gazing at the unexpressed love,
for ages they had been,
 two ends of the horizon...

The river absorbs and carries...
the reflection of the azure ,
through every path ...
on every bend...
remaining as  pure...
On edges of the world ,
two souls of love,
remain attached forever,
waiting for the ephemeral
moment ...

 Thanks to dear Soumya  V
She is a great and  true  friend 
Her Poetry is  "Words of Heart" 

Visit Her Most Lovable Blogs to hear the sound of your soul

                                                         COLOURS OF LIFE 

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Female Dictionary

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Garden and Libraray

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You are ... (Devina S)

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You are ...
You are
The hot chocolate blend
I’ve been searching for
All this time.
You are
The sunshine
In my garden,
The sparrow-man to my fairy.
You are
The sprinkles on top
A bad day.
You are
The sparkle in my eyes.
You are
The blanket and a bowl of soup,
In foul weather and bad times.
You are my North Star
In the night’s sky.
You are my one
And only.
Now say that
You love me
Seal it with your sweet kiss and
Make my day.
© Devina S.
Link to orginal post : http://hotchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com/2013/04/24/you-are/
This sweet poem is written by Devina S.
You should visit her awesome blog"Hot Chocolate and Books" to read and admire her lovable creations.
Blog url :  http://hotchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com/

I am really Thankful to my dear friend Devina S 

Women's role ...

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Looking for You

When I Saw You

Will You Be Mine?
"When I saw you I fell in love, and you you smiled because you already knew."
-William Shakespeare

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Love and Skill together

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Mad For Your Love (Celestine Nudanu)


Mad  For Your Love
 (Celestine Nudanu)
I am weak
With my need
I am dizzy
For Your kisses
I am crazy
For your touch
I am hungry
For your warmth
Make me strong
So I can
Have my fill
Of you
I want to
See straight
So I can
Kiss you back
My lips
Pliant, waiting
Make me
In wanting you
I seem
To have
Gone mad
And drunk
With your
I am sated.
And whole

(C) Celestine Nudanu


I posted this poem with the kind permission of  Celestine Nudanu.
I am really thankful to really great poet !
Visit her sweet blog "Reading Pleasure
 It is full of deep, cute and inspiring thoughts.
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Our Happiness

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Susan Fletcher said"I believe the world is as we choose to view it.Simple as that.Our happiness is, in the end, up to us.and to no one else"

A Reader

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Real Love Couples

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As Children Sleep (Christina Strigas)

This is so cute poem by Christina Strigas.
I am thankful to her for her great support.
You will surely find this blog the most awesome one. 
Thanks my dear friend to allow me  to post this sweet poem 
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 As Children Sleep 

 (Christina Strigas)

it is so peaceful
no jumping, no yelling, not a leap!
Up and down their shoulders move
sweet, beautiful faces
dreaming of some faraway places.

Soon they will open their eyes
and ask
am I leaving soon? Where is Mommy? Daddy?
we hug and smile
let us color, let us play
let us enjoy ourselves
until the end of the day.

Our job is not just any job
we must think so much
before we speak
for little minds are absorbing
everything we say and do
we have to remember who has eaten
slept and who has the flu.

We teach the first paths
that lead to learning and understanding
let us never forget
how important we are to each child
lying down to take their nap
good morning, with a smile
good evening, with a smile. 

I love you


My heart

My Soul 

 Always will be Yours