Dream (Soumya V)

Dream (by Soumya V)

"Do you want me to love you"?

asked the prince and she flew,

how can she reply to these words...

that made her 
perplexed and blushed...

In the dark hours of  silence,
when the world sleeps ,
the prince reappeared again,
as if it was a dream...
She was motionless and still,
but her heart pounding fast,
as if the beats could be heard by him ...
thousands of miles past...

Once again she got under the spell of the lost prince,
despite deciding that she wnt fall for his charms indeed,
use less were the decisions that her mind took,
for her heart could never be ruled by hook or crook...

confused and happy,she bid him goodbye,
letting her dreams take over while she slept by,
the golden morning brought a new smile on her face,
As she realised it was a dream she saw last night,
the destiny's game...

Thanks to dear Soumya  V

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome !
      Thanks for this lovely poem :D

  2. Replies
    1. 100 percent true !
      She writes amazingly beautiful , a great author !
      God bless her !I like the way she writes.