Two Souls (Soumya V)


(Soumya V) 

A silent moment speaks between us,
filling the soul with a touch of blush ,
like joining the two ends of a string ,
to form a knot of love...

The river below and sky above,
gazing at the unexpressed love,
for ages they had been,
 two ends of the horizon...

The river absorbs and carries...
the reflection of the azure ,
through every path ...
on every bend...
remaining as  pure...
On edges of the world ,
two souls of love,
remain attached forever,
waiting for the ephemeral
moment ...

 Thanks to dear Soumya  V
She is a great and  true  friend 
Her Poetry is  "Words of Heart" 

Visit Her Most Lovable Blogs to hear the sound of your soul

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                                                                                                                       image Source: via Lau on Pinterest


  1. Thanks a lot for the wonderful words for me! The backdrop image fits perfectly!

    1. Thanks for your so nice comment , Your comments are really appreciated always :-)