The appetite (Russian Proverb)

The appetite comes during eating 
(A Russian Proverb)  
 This is a superb proverb.
Can anyone want to explain this sweet quote ?
You are most welcome to share your precious thoughts :-) 


  1. Perhaps another way to say; we eat also with our eyes.
    Cheers -
    Alastair was kind enough to give you a 'shout'
    and I've bookmarked your site.

    1. Yes, may be :-)
      Welcome to my blog my respected friend !
      Alastair is so kind and very much supportive to me always.
      He is great person and a true friend indeed :-)
      God bless him !
      I am thankful to you for visiting my this humble blog!
      Hope you liked it and keep coming here :-)
      Wish you success, peace and happiness :D