As Children Sleep (Christina Strigas)

This is so cute poem by Christina Strigas.
I am thankful to her for her great support.
You will surely find this blog the most awesome one. 
Thanks my dear friend to allow me  to post this sweet poem 
                                                                           Source: via Juliane on Pinterest

 As Children Sleep 

 (Christina Strigas)

it is so peaceful
no jumping, no yelling, not a leap!
Up and down their shoulders move
sweet, beautiful faces
dreaming of some faraway places.

Soon they will open their eyes
and ask
am I leaving soon? Where is Mommy? Daddy?
we hug and smile
let us color, let us play
let us enjoy ourselves
until the end of the day.

Our job is not just any job
we must think so much
before we speak
for little minds are absorbing
everything we say and do
we have to remember who has eaten
slept and who has the flu.

We teach the first paths
that lead to learning and understanding
let us never forget
how important we are to each child
lying down to take their nap
good morning, with a smile
good evening, with a smile. 


  1. Wow. Thank you so much for posting my poem. I love the picture. You are so amazing! xoxoxo

    1. You are most welcome :-)
      Pleasure is mine :-)
      Thanks dear friend !

  2. lovely ~ enjoying your writing and other posts. Are you inviting other poets to participate on your blog? Thank you for your time and attention ~ Sincerely Deborah

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment , I welcome you sincerely and warmly to my blog:-)
      Yes I am inviting other poets to share their nice work here on my are so very much Welcome :-)
      Have sweet time always !

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    1. Thanks my friend - yes this written so beautifully :-)