Of a child’s (Christina Strigas)

Of a child’s 
(Christina Strigas)
Unlock the key
to a child’s heart.

Open the door
to a child’s path.

Hear the words
Of a child’s voice.

Listen to the sound
of a child’s song.

Understand the need
of a child’s action.

Believe the words
of a child’s truth.

Recognize the pain
of a child’s hurt.

Remember the joy
Of a child’s smile.

Look at the innocence
of a child’s soul.

See the world through the eyes
of a child’s. 

 This is so cute poem by Christina Strigas.
I am thankful to her for her great support.
You will surely find this blog the most awesome one. 
Thanks my dear friend to allow me  to post this sweet poem 
image 1 Source: parents.com via Passion on Pinterest 
img 2 Source: agirlsrighttodream.tumblr.com via Passion on Pinterest 


  1. [ Smiles ] Emotionally touching!

    1. This is so nice poem - Thanks dear friend :-)

  2. Thank you my dear for creating such a beautiful visual along with my poem. So grateful!

    1. You write so cutely my friend , it's my pleasure ..Have nice time dear friend :-)