Oh, My Life : A Poem on Life (Taba Chatung)

Oh, My Life : A Poem On Life
Oh, my life;
You gave me so much reason to be alive,
You taught me great lesson to deal with fights,
And thanks for that;
For the things I’ am still living,
Oh my life,
But to be honest,
It’s not me, not my part;
It’s the life, you choose me to like.

I had a headache till midnight,
Looking for the signs I cried.
It was pain on my heart,
Was broken from top to bottom side-by-side,
With so much depression,
Had an side-effect,
As I took Medicine,
For the reason above said life;
Oh my life, why I can’t handle other’s life.

Here its morning again,
Windows opened, door opened,
I looked for my license,
The same way I do it every again,
24 years gone in vain and now 4 more years to be go on;
I’ am not in frustrate,
It’s just tough to deal,
It’s just hard to convince,
Oh my life,  Was 100% wasn’t enough to get one role of my like.

Oh my life,
There are so many things to be told,
Wants to clear my entire throat,
Make you laugh with all the tales,
Hopes, you can hear
And you back my share;
It’s tough,
It pains,
Oh ! Restart my player,
I want to hear back from 3,2,1 gear;
Oh my life, there still much be to clear.
-  Taba Chatung..
Poem on Life : Oh, My Life . Oh, my life; You gave me so much reason to live. 

I am Thankful to Taba Chatung  for this beautiful poem.

Author : Taba Chatung
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My Angel Of Love (Soumya V)

(By :Soumya V) 
Soaking in your ocean of love,
draping myself with your care and concern,
decked with the jewels of  your passion,
I adorn myself  with the gems of love...
Away from the earth and sky,
Deep beneath the layers of heart,
When a breath of fresh air flows,
I  know that its you and not the rose..
Tired by the tangles of the world,
Deep inside the core of blood,
When I  feel something fresh and new,
I know that its not silk  but you..
Losing the battles of life,
Deep behind my wet eyes,
When I  can see  the new light,
I know that its your love not the moonlight...
Who knew that for us on earth,
God  has sent an angel of love,
To deal with the wordly ties,
This loving soul becomes our companion...

Thanks to dear Soumya  V

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If we want to love

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Beautiful Climbers (Soumya V)

Beautiful Climbers
(by Soumya V) 
Two climbers  entwined,
as if they never lived beside,
going higher and higher ,
to touch the Infinite!

Their roots are deep down  in the ground,
aware of the pains and sufferings profound...
different plants now together,
roots going deeper and stronger...

Soft tendrils help on their  way,
for the climb and support to stay,
the lovely climbers know their goal,
 Are in search of their Soul...
Beautiful flowers sprouted ,
meanwhile on their soft stem,
they embrace the flowers ...
snuggling and tickling,
traversing the journey so enthralling...

The moment is yet to arrive,
When the enchanting climbers ...
attain their height,
Till then they are entwined,
to remain one as destined....

Thanks to dear Soumya  V
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Sing like birds

Can you explain this ?

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Ablaze (Soumya V)

 Ablaze ( by Soumya V) 

Mysterious dark night  brightened in moon-lite,
ardent atmosphere soaking the spirit of love,
your phrases wooing with grandeur,
I remain calm with all my fervor...
Journey of space between traversed,
within few minutes of  getting accustomed,
soliciting expressions  made verbal,
you asking for explicit behaviour!
I stop and pause this moment here,
For this isn't the path I admired,
mute and speechless I remain,
my blushes are the ones I cannot tame!
What loving and zealous the brightness feels,
still somewhere within my heart weeps,
Alas! ablaze is the flare ...
burning within...
Hoping and desiring
for a momentous begin...

This awesome poem is written by "Soumya V" 
Her Poetry is  "Words of Heart" 
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Ancient Dance (A Love Poem by Celestine Nudanu)

Ancient Dance
Under the baobab
We kiss and dance
To the rhythms of 
Ancient love drums 
Beating to alert us 
To the full moon, 
Winking in harmony 
With our frenzied steps 

Our bodies taut with energy, 
With the sweat of our longing  
With the heat of our desire   
For the cool languorous 
Breeze of the leaves 
To set the pace  
As we collide In a mystic, wondrous ritual 

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 13/3/13


I posted this poem with the kind permission of  Celestine Nudanu.
I am really thankful to really great poet !
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 It is full of deep, cute and inspiring thoughts.

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My Euro Tour Part 20 Spain (A Post from renxkyoko's space)

 This is a  fabulous post,revealing the most interesting ,informative and lovable trip to Spain.The cute post is written by  Renxkyoko Iglesias , a very talented blogger with really matchless thoughts possessing  true qualities of  a  pure and nice friend. She knows best how to attract  readers  with  an adorable yet simple style, that looks more fascinating.
I am grateful to her as she had allowed me to post this awesome article of  The sweet trip of  a sweet and kind author .Yes, she is really a great author , I have great respect for her and her unique work.
I would like my readers to visit her blog to appreciate her work at  "Renxkyoko's Space" 
She has really charming articles, full of life and passion :-) 
Now my friends , Bye from me, and start enjoying  reading.


My Euro Tour Part 20 Spain

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here !
I’ve been hella busy these past weeks……… exams, work, and  stuff are getting in the way of blogging. As usual, there’s nothing on my mind  at the moment, but then I’m always like this, right? I’m a slow starter.  Funny thing is, when I get going,  there’s nothing that can stop  me from  taking off.  So, let’s see where this post goes.
My signature name here, Ren x Kyoko .  It goes without saying that  isn’t my real first name.  The name comes from one of my most favorite mangas ( Japanese graphic novels) SKIP BEAT.  Yep, I read mangas, and really, really enjoy reading them.  They are drawings, cartoons, with very few words to read, and basically depend  on facial  expressions to convey what ‘s going on in the story.  Did you get to read my Valentine’s post here ?  It conveys a lot just looking at the drawings, doesn’t it,  with  minimum number of words, 13 short sentences, and really, the drawings say it all.  Oh,  I’m not rationalizing my fondness for stories with pictures. I read to entertain myself. That’s all there is to it. But, I have to admit  some manga stories do lower the level of my IQ a few notches. Or, have   irreversibly killed a few brain cells.  ( Eh. I’m not worried about my IQ.  I’ve been called a walking Encyclopedia once,  and I believe I can give Jeopardy contestants a run for their money.  )