Beautiful Climbers (Soumya V)

Beautiful Climbers
(by Soumya V) 
Two climbers  entwined,
as if they never lived beside,
going higher and higher ,
to touch the Infinite!

Their roots are deep down  in the ground,
aware of the pains and sufferings profound...
different plants now together,
roots going deeper and stronger...

Soft tendrils help on their  way,
for the climb and support to stay,
the lovely climbers know their goal,
 Are in search of their Soul...
Beautiful flowers sprouted ,
meanwhile on their soft stem,
they embrace the flowers ...
snuggling and tickling,
traversing the journey so enthralling...

The moment is yet to arrive,
When the enchanting climbers ...
attain their height,
Till then they are entwined,
to remain one as destined....

Thanks to dear Soumya  V
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    1. Thank you dear friend !
      It is simply awesome :-)

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    1. You're always welcome !
      You can tell me about any kind of change in posting style of your poems, any thing you want to be added or changed , I would post the way you like :-) It'll be my pleasure !
      Thanks for being here :D

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    1. Yes my friend - This poem is really beautiful. Thanks:-)