Oh, My Life : A Poem on Life (Taba Chatung)

Oh, My Life : A Poem On Life
Oh, my life;
You gave me so much reason to be alive,
You taught me great lesson to deal with fights,
And thanks for that;
For the things I’ am still living,
Oh my life,
But to be honest,
It’s not me, not my part;
It’s the life, you choose me to like.

I had a headache till midnight,
Looking for the signs I cried.
It was pain on my heart,
Was broken from top to bottom side-by-side,
With so much depression,
Had an side-effect,
As I took Medicine,
For the reason above said life;
Oh my life, why I can’t handle other’s life.

Here its morning again,
Windows opened, door opened,
I looked for my license,
The same way I do it every again,
24 years gone in vain and now 4 more years to be go on;
I’ am not in frustrate,
It’s just tough to deal,
It’s just hard to convince,
Oh my life,  Was 100% wasn’t enough to get one role of my like.

Oh my life,
There are so many things to be told,
Wants to clear my entire throat,
Make you laugh with all the tales,
Hopes, you can hear
And you back my share;
It’s tough,
It pains,
Oh ! Restart my player,
I want to hear back from 3,2,1 gear;
Oh my life, there still much be to clear.
-  Taba Chatung..
Poem on Life : Oh, My Life . Oh, my life; You gave me so much reason to live. 

I am Thankful to Taba Chatung  for this beautiful poem.

Author : Taba Chatung
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    1. I am glad you liked this poem.When I read I also liked this so much .No doubt, written beautifully , fluency of thoughts is amazing.Thank you so much for this encouraging comment.The writer has written it so nicely.

  2. Thanks @Passion for posting the poem !

    1. You are most welcome :-)
      You wrote it so beautifully indeed :D

    2. Hello Buddy, how are you ?