Dokomi 2013 part 2 / TIME TO RUMBLE ! NANO !

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Dokomi 2013 part 2 / TIME TO RUMBLE ! NANO !
Here’s the second photo-heavy post about the DoKomi 2013! 


 Can’t unsee it . . . Eileen looks just like a cat to me ;A; !
 OK ,  girls ! Time to get serious ! IT’S TIME TO RUMBLE !
 When suddenly a host appears . . . when I take photos . . . host Lucky acting like . . . yea :P
 Maid May in her overly expensive Lolita dress . . . just before her fashion show !
 Me and Maid Momo <3
But you know whom I have met after months or years again ?!?!?!!
Lovely and pink-haired-as-always Miss Neko <3
 She looked awesome in that Yukata <3 (Or is it Kimono . . . ?)
And now . . .  tehe . . .  some exclusive photos while the maidcafe is busy
 Whaaa – I looooove this photo <3 Dunno who took this with my cam, sry, but you did a great job !
Ok and now . . .
Time for the cakes !
Massive amount of chocolate cornets and melon pans FTW !!!
 Cream desserts <3
Now to the final photos :
Maid Tecky being “photogenic” for once XD
Cute <3
Nano signed for me
 (Yes, her! The NANO singing the opening of Btooom! )
It’s the back of my iPhone case , Momo’s idea :3
Ok, I have to be honest at this point. I would like to put more effort and spent so much more time in these posts of the Dokomi and the (yet to be made) post about the Japantag (JDay!) . . . and it’s not just the time that is lacking but also something very important yet sad that happened to me the last week . . . I really hope that I can move on so that I won’t get stuck in this miserable phase of brake up.
Yes. Momo and me broke up , it’s hard for both of us and yet very complicated . . . we still love each other, but sometimes love can’t overcome everything.
Sorry for hurting you (if you read this, Momo). I want to write so many things to you, which I cannot tell you in person. But no, I spare you XD Srsly, it’s no use and the most important things have alwready been said, so it’s ok :)
I really love thesephotos, so I had to post them, sorry :D

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