You Within (busymindthinking)

(A poem by busymindthinking)

I don’t recognize gender
or the color of your skin
to these things I am blind
I love the you within


If we reach back far enough
we’d all realize
family is what we are
bodies acting as a disguise

In being sighted
we are often blind
to the value in a being
what a waste of time


I embrace you for who you are
and would never want you to change
for you also accept me as I am
and love me just the same

This amazing poem is written by a very very talented blogger Busymindthinking, a blogger with a style of nature, a soul of kindness and a true to heart human being indeed.I am really thankful to her for this wonderful poem
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 I am sure You would love it as I do !

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  1. I cannot tell you the impact this had on my sister and I this morning. We were so emotional together! This is a gesture beyond beautiful and I will never be able to convey with words just how much this moved me. You touched my soul. Hugs

    1. I am so much Thankful to you for this nice comment - I love your writing style - I am happy you liked my effort - Thanks for your awesome work- You express the words amazingly - Much love, care and best wishes to you n your loved ones ...and Thanks to your sister also - (If she has a blog ..I would like to visit it too :-))))
      )All the best to both of you :D