World Oceans Day 2013 - 8th June

People around the globe celebrate 8th June as World Oceans Day.This day has been celebrated unofficially proposed by Canada since 1922 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil .United Nations offically recognized this day in 2008 .Now it has been celebrated on 8th June worldwide every year .
The theme for The World Oceans Day 2013 and  2014 t is:
Together we have the power to protect the ocean.
The organizers of Word Oceans Day 2013 are asking and encourging people around the world to make a promise to protect the oceans.You can promise to change just one thing in your busy life to assist and help the cause of protecting the oceans.You can then upload your photo with your promise on social media ...Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus,blogs, Flicker  etc , don't forget to mention #WorldOceansDay to record your partcipation to help this noble cause .

You can play your role to protect this sweet world of oceans - 
The World We Live in -
This is our own World -We Heart it

This day demands us to change our thiniking towards Oceans and Earth.
Many events are being held to promote awreness and sense of realization.
You just do your role my friends !!
Together we have the power to protect the ocean.

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