I Am Free (Supriya Sharma)

I am free,
lost in my world
a fallacious soul 
who loves to wander.
But now I am free,
full of love 
in search of light
which bright me up.
With a touch of love
I can do wonders,

It gives me wings
I want to fly
Like a free bird which kiss sky.
I was living in a cage
where no one care
but now I am free
love liberates me,
Gives me chance 
to do the romance.

In the arms of thee
I found my world
where name of freedom,
is the name of love 

Thanks to the talented poet Supriya Sharma
This really sweet and awesome poem is written by "Supriya Sharma".
She writes the words full of   true passion and we feel "LIFE" in all the poems she writes.
Speaks the language of Love, Life , emotions with a sense touching the soul.
I am grateful to her for her lovely poem.
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Image source:newearthdaily.com


  1. Replies
    1. Yes my friend , She writes with true passion and devotion - A nice poetess ! Thanks :D

  2. Thanks, Passion, all credit goes to you, because of you I am able to share my work with the world here.

    Thanks Kattermonran for your lovely comment.

    1. You're most welcome :-) You are so nice writer,poet etc, A versatile personality ...Wish you All the best always:-)