Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends) --by Penny L Howe

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Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends)

(Penny L Howe)

                                                              Love’s Lullaby
Just as a mother feels the beat of unborn child
I feel the rhythm from your heart ~ you are loved.
The music of you heartbeat so piercing and so sweet
you are special and unique and ~ you are loved.
 Yes there are those bad days, bad times,
(hard, hard, hard ones too),
but, hush now, hush now, do not cry ~ you are loved.
I sing for you a heart song to nourish you within
You are safe, and you are cherished ~ you are loved.
 Let my strength pick up your spirits
carry you along.
You aren’t alone, you aren’t forgotten ~ you are loved.
 You my friend so beautiful
I sing to let you know.
Do not be sad, I’m here for you ~ you are loved.
“On those loneliest days when you feel such despair
Reach out your hand, a friend will be there!”
~ Penny L Howe, 2013
The poem "Lullaby of Hope and Love (for my friends)" is written by "Penny L Howe"


  1. Replies
    1. It is really sweet poem:-)
      Thanks my friend!

  2. Thank you! With much affection to you for who you are and all that you do, Penny xx

    1. It's always been my pleasure - You are a Gem indeed- With true heart...Thanks a lot for allowing me to post your matchless poem here on my blog...All the best to you my friend :-)Happy Weekend :D