Mirror of Happiness (Joycelyn S. Aralar)

Mirror of Happiness 
(Joycelyn S. Aralar)

Happiness starts from within
True joy will burst like a fountain
Once you learn to embrace yourself

Happiness comes in different form and sizes
True joy will always be handy if you do what you love
Once you share it, it never fails to multiply

Happiness is the key to achieving things
True joy will always follow after
 Once you risk it all and free yourself from worry

For once, let it all go and experience happiness and real joy from within

Author : Joycelyn S. Aralar

I am really grateful to my dear and respected friend Joycelyn S.Aralar for this sweet ,cute poem.She promised me to write for this blog.She did it.
She has a great ,super cool blog "I am Super Istar
No doubt she is really a Super Star. I hope and request her to continue sharing her remarkable posts here, She has many many sweet posts other than poetry. I love her blog and want to share her work here.
Thanks and All the best to you dear Joycelyn S. Aralar 


  1. Oh my! I feel so blessed and flattered at the same time dearest friend. :) My heart is full of joy after reading this! I so happy to be a part of this wonderful and truly uplifting blog of yours!

    Truly, blogging has taken me to a wonderful journey and you are a big part of this! Again, thank you from the deepest of my soul :)

    1. I am really honored by your so sweet comment.You are A Great Talent dear friend.Thanks for being with me here.:D